Board of Directors of the

Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority

865 Brook Street

Rocky Hill, CT 06067


Thursday,  September  29, 2011 – Special Meeting

3:00 p.m. to  5:00 p.m.


Letter to the Board of Directors









1.  Call to order

2.  Public Comments – 10 minutes 

3. Swearing in - 5 minutes


4.  Welcome and introductions - 10 minutes


5. Approval of meeting minutes for August 3, 2011* - 5 minutes


6.   Discussion of Directors and Officers Insurance and Approval of Policy on Litigation Costs of Directors, Officers and Employees* - 10 minutes


7.  CCEF Board of Director's Transition Committee recommendations of President and CEO* and comments on draft revisions of Resolutions of Purpose, Bylaws, and Operating Procedures - 10 minutes


8.    Review, possible modification and adoption of Revised Resolution of Purposes,* Revised Bylaws*, and Draft Operating Procedures* - 20 minutes


9.    Presentation and discussion of the reconfigured Organizational Structure, discussion and approval of the transference of CCEF staff from CI to CEFIA,* adoption of various CI administrative policies,* and discussion of the Contract for Services between CEFIA and CI for administrative purposes -  20 minutes


10.  Discussion and approval of the Schedule of Positions* and discussiion and approval of new Director-level position job descriptions* - 10 minutes



11.  Review and approval of FY 2011 Draft CCEF Audited Financial Statements* and proposed revisions to the FY 2012 operating budget* - 10 minutes


12.  Discussion and election of Vice Chair* and Secretary* and appointment of standing committee assignments - 5 minutes


13.  Adoption of FY 2012 regular meeting schedule* - 5 minutes


14.  Review and approve proposal from Gaylord Hospital - 15 minutes


15.  Adjourn


* Denotes item requiring Board action


 Next Meeting: Monday, October 31, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, 865 Brook Street, Rocky Hill, CT